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After your surgery

  • After your surgery

dr Laurent Goubau

After your surgery

Take your painkillers as soon as you leave the hospital and as prescribed. Do so before the pain comes up to allow yourself enough comfort.

Except in specific cases, the first follow-up appointment will be scheduled for one week after the operation. The surgical dressing will be removed and replaced, scars checked, and in the event of percutaneous surgery, special corrective dressings will be applied to the toes that have been operated on. A team of nurses who are specialised in the treatment of wounds and casts will look after you. The surgeon will be present each time the dressing is changed.

The frequency of checks will depend on the type of surgery performed.

Stitches are removed 2-3 weeks after the operation.

Patients taking anti-coagulants can resume their treatment, in accordance with medical advice, on the day after the operation.

The first radiographic follow-up takes place 3 weeks after surgery.

The specific rehabilitation or physiotherapy will begin according to the information you have been given and will vary according to the type of surgery.



To limit any oedema, keep the limb that has been operated on in an elevated position. Keep your leg on a chair, for example, when you are at home.

Apply ice to the operated area once a day.

Contact us immediately if you experience unusual pain or fever.

If you have any questions or comments, our team is at your disposal to provide you with the necessary information.

Do you need information? Feel free to contact us.